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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 4:55 PM
Currently, I am attempting to revive an old Bleach Group I helped with a while back.
We'd really like people to join if you want!


See!  So revived our icon is non-existant orz

T03 - Rosana Ruiz by Kagome-Nezumiro
T03 - Rosana Ruiz

//Name// Rosana “Rosa” Ruiz

//Age// 20

//Birthdate// 1997

//Height// 5’9”

//Weight// 159lbs

//Nationality// Brazilian

//Residence// Brazil, South America

//Languages// English, Portugese, Spanish

//Blood Type// AB

//Number//  T03

//Combat Ability// Military Training

//Ability// Sensory Walls  -  The user puts up a mental grid that can’t been seen.  It’s used to detect when an object passes through the ‘sensor walls’ which are arranged in a spiracle coordinate grid with 3 sections per plane.

- When one of the walls is breached, the user will be able to tell where.
- The main section lines are thick enough to tell if the object is moving or not.
- The use can change the section range from 1 to 5 meters, but the section must have the same range.

-In order for it to work, the user cannot move.  Moving would distort the gird and thus make it impossible to properly use.
-The user cannot change the section length unless they reset the entire gird. 
-The user must have 30 seconds between uses.
-The user cannot tell what the object is.

-Objects that do not pass through the radial walls of the grid are not detected. (aka: must go through a circle)
-Increasing the section lengths also increases uncertainty.
-The grid can only pick up objects 2mm radius or larger
-The user can only detect up to 12 objects at once, prioritizing objects that breach the closest circle first. (If 10 objects hit each circle, the user would only detect the 10 that hit the inner circle and 2 of the middle)
-While she can use the ability at max range inside, it isquite useless as walls, pipes, and other things would interfere with her.  Low ranges recommended.
-Rain is not the users friend. 

//Ability Discovery//

Rosana discovered and started honing her ability starting at the young age of 4.  She first noticed it where she started calming her mind and then suddenly getting little alarms in her head as thing breached her singular sensory wall.  With practice, she was able to set the wall up at will by age 6.  Growing up she used the ability mostly as an alarm for waking up, she set it up when she went to sleep and it triggered when one of the nannys or other orphans at the orphanage came to wake her.  By age 12, she learned how to change the abilities range and she managed to create an extra wall inside her original one.  By age 19, she was able to get it to where it is today.

//Weapons// Explosives

//Preferred Class// Firebomber


Strength – 2
Stamina – 2
Speed – 1
Dexterity – 3
Intelligence – 3
Ability – 5
Defense – 2
Balance – 1


--Rosana’s a very honest person and doesn’t like it when people lie, even jokingly.

--Prefers to play things by the book.  Very strict on rules.

--When in trouble, she will take things hard on herself. 

--Highly suspicious of people she just met. 

--Enjoys most action films and shows staring some sort of military.  Examples being MASH, A-Team, Mission Impossible…things like that.

--Will refuse to talk poorly about any of the dead.

--While not extremely religious, she does always give a silent prayer to anybody she kills.

--She is very time oriented, having her watch set to multiple time tables.  She doesn’t like people being late.



Parents - Deceased


At the orphanage, Rosana stayed mostly inside glued to the TV.  She enjoyed watching very old dvd’s, mostly the military.  She got it in her head that all soldiers were honorable and leaders of justice.  So much so that after she left the orphanage, she went and joined the military.  And that was her first dose of reality…military training is hard.  And even more stressful for who she was.  But, she still wanted to be an icon of justice so she perservered!  It was quite admirable actually.  At age of 19, she had finally graduated from her military training.  While at school, she showed tremendous aptitude for explosive devices.

So far, her expectations seems to have been met.  She was ready to be a soldier of justice and help the people!  She was placed in a platoon and stationed in a city for what was mostly a patrol job.  Here her ignorance got another smack in the face.  Corruption.  Where she was stationed, the soldiers thoroughly abused their power.  Many members of her own platoons were a part of public beating and unwarranted interrogations.  Rosana tried to report people, but she discovered most of her superiors were equally corrupt.  So she tried to avoid the situations.  But after a while, she started hearing about some of the more brutal soldiers known for putting civilians in hospitals.  She knew if she stepped in she’d probably be killed…so instead, she followed some of the brutal officer and performed some acts in their stead.  She knew she was hated, but she also knew that she at least held back.  This didn’t happen long.  This only happened a few times, but Rosana still became more and more stressed because of her guilt.  The only way she stayed sane was that she kept telling herself that she was helping them.  She only did this when necessary and tried to avoid it as much as possible.

One night, while doing a routine patrol, Rosana spotted something strange.  A man had crawled out of the sewers manholes inside the base wearing a mask.  It was obviously his mistake as he had stopped and panicked, especially when Rosana called out to him.  He ran back down the sewers and Rosana quickly followed.  Of course, once down the sewers, she had no idea which way the man had run.  She took a chances and went down one of the tunnels.  While she did not find a man, she did find a large device consisting of large cylinders, many wires, and a single timer set to 15 minutes.  It was a bomb.  After quickly thinking of the pat she took, Rosana realized that she was near the center of the base.  This explosive would wipe out most of the base. For a brief moment, Rosana considered leaving and getting off base before the explosion…she did have time.  She shook her head, knowing she couldn’t do that no matter how bad the people at this base were.  So she set to work.

Thirteen minutes later, Rosana had successfully disarmed the bomb.  About 5 mintues after that, soldiers who has ended up catching the masked man from earlier had appeared in the sewer and quickly apprehended her.  Two and a half hours later, Rosana was placed in prison being accused of being an accomplice of the masked man who she learned had already been executed.  Tomorrow, she was going to be used as an example to show the public that the military was needed to protect them from criminals like her.  Also around that time, a dark figure was standing outside the base, tapping a message on a phone.

The next morning, Rosana had two visitors in her cell.  One was short, with long brown hair.  She didn’t seem that strong, but how she walked and held herself, it was obvious was in charge of something.  The other woman also had an in charge kind of look…with a bit more an intimidation factor with her face paint, dreaded hair, and overall more muscular build.  The shorter one introduced herself as 01 and her partner as 03.  Apparently, they were from some sort of super secretagency…with mostly people with superhuman abilities.  Kind of like the IMF from the old Mission Impossible movies...but with superpowers like X-men.  They were here to offer her a job and a way out of execution to join them as one of their Agents.  Specifically, she would be working as a Firebomber under the command of 03.  When the topic about superhuman abilities came up, Rosana told them of her own ability.  it just seemed to cement the fact that she belonged there as she was informed that a majority of the Agents had abilities of some sort.  After being assured that this Agency wasn’t as corrupt as her previous occupation, she accepted.

AGENTS (c) Tomokou
Art (c) MewShinobi



United States


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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 9, 2014, 4:55 PM
Currently, I am attempting to revive an old Bleach Group I helped with a while back.
We'd really like people to join if you want!


See!  So revived our icon is non-existant orz

Monty Oum passes away at age 33… 

11 deviants said RIP Monty Oum

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